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The Uncommon Christ: MY JESUS

The Uncommon Christ series explores scriptural names and titles give to the Savior that are less familiar.

“I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell” (2 Nephi 33:6).

Of the many ways a great prophet could’ve described the Lord in his final testimony, this is what Nephi chose. “My Jesus.” I don’t imagine there could be a better way for him to explain the depth of his relationship with the Savior.

While Jesus Christ’s love for us is infinite, it is also infinitely personal. Think about it!

He is the Redeemer of all mankind—yet He is my Redeemer.

He is Israel’s long-anticipated Messiah—He is also my Messiah.

He is the Savior of the world—and He is my Savior.

He suffered and died not for an impersonal "everyone," but for me.

The more I understand these things, the deeper my relationship with Him becomes. It's far more likely for me to seek His help when I know that loves me, personally, and that I am worth it to Him.

Take a minute to consider these questions:

  • Of all the names or titles of Jesus Christ (even those not yet penned), which best describes your feelings about or relationship with Him? Why?

  • When is a time you remember feeling connected to Him in this way?

  • How could--or does--that name influence your choices and actions?

None of us is just a face in the crowd. "He knows your name and He knows your need," said Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (1). Jesus Christ bought our souls with His blood. So both collectively and individually, He is yours and you are His.

[Artwork Credit: Dan Wilson. Used with permission.]


  1. “The Third Great Commandment and Other Thoughts,” Brigham Young University-Idaho Commencement, 23 April 2005

1 Comment

Brenda Durgin
Brenda Durgin
Dec 28, 2022

Pondering on the questions you prompted, brought me to a sweet place, a tearful, grateful, sweet place. Thank you for your work.

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