Doctrinal Consulting Services

I offer doctrinal consulting for religious content creators (think Church Correlation for the lay member). Make sure your product is doctrinally sound before you submit it to a publisher!


Find answers to doctrinal questions or concerns related to your product.


Get help backing up your doctrinal claims with citations from ancient and modern sources.

Full Evaluation

Submit your work for a comprehensive review to catch accuracy issues related to doctrines.

20 years of credentials, including...

  • Released-time seminary teacher

  • Institute of Religion instructor and course creator 

  • Published in LDS Living & the Liahona magazine

  • Especially for Youth (EFY) session director, teacher, and trainer

  • For Strength of Youth (FSY) counselor training speaker

  • 5 years of biblical Hebrew studies with Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Passover seder host & creator of DIY packages

  • Israel Institute of Biblical Studies (certificate: Hebraic Context of the Bible)

  • Repeat guest host on Deseret Book's Sunday on Monday podcast

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