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Here's a little too much about me.

Chelsea Hayden is a teacher, speaker, and writer who finds joy in learning and teaching about the life, mission, gospel, and power of Jesus Christ. 

Chelsea is a proud farmgirl from the edge of nowhere in southern Idaho. She studied musical theatre in college (and has over seventy productions under her belt), but her career path didn’t lead to her childhood dream of Broadway. Instead, she found herself using those performing and speaking skills as a teacher of religion. 



Chelsea was hired in 2004 as a released-time seminary instructor The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Idaho and Utah. She put full-time work on hold while her three children were little, but she never stopped seeking for ways to study and teach the gospel. She's been an Institute of Religion instructor for the Church and an Especially for Youth session director since 2009.

Using her knack for discovering unique religious connections and meanings, Chelsea enjoys creating rich experiences for others that have the potential to deepen understanding of and relationships with Heavenly Father and His Son. 


A deep love for ancient Jewish scripture, language, and culture landed Chelsea in a five-year program studying Biblical Hebrew through the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She also completed the Hebraic Context of the Bible certificate program from Israel Institute of Biblical Studies.

Two decades ago, her passion for the culture and covenants of ancient Israel--coupled with her Latter-day Saint studies and teaching experience--inspired Chelsea to study the Festival of Passover. She has since created an authentic Passover Haggadah and hosts seders each year where she guides groups through a Jewish service while (respectfully) presenting suggestions for various Christian connections.


Chelsea feels a divine call to bring greater understanding to gospel and cultural practices, passages, principles, and people that are unknown, misunderstood, or uncomfortable. This might be dissecting a difficult scripture verse, holding space for a bothersome Church history event, or looking at why a current policy feels hurtful to some members. 


Chelsea's life has been a spiritual training ground for many uncomfortable topics, including trauma; mental and physical health, including major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety, and food addiction; mixed-orientation marriage, LGBTQIA+ issues, divorce, single parenthood; and mixed-faith marriage and parenting. 

Chelsea wants all members of this community to go away feeling seen and strengthened.



Chelsea uses this formula to both learn and teach the Lord's way.


1.  Be willing to look at hard things and ask hard questions.


2.  Actively work, study, and pray until we receive insight and/or peace.


3.  Use the experience or knowledge to help inspire others.

Thanks for stopping by!

Let's bring greater understanding to the UNFAMILIAR, MISUNDERSTOOD, and UNCOMFORTABLE in the gospel.

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