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Passover Packages: PRE-ORDER IS LIVE!

VIEW PURCHASING OPTIONS BELOW POST. Limited quantities available.

*All Passover Packages and services are currently provided at cost, with free shipping!*

This Passover Package is a perfect complement to your Easter preparations! Good for groups of up to 8. Not recommended for children.

What is a Passover Seder?

A Seder is a scripted, ritualistic celebration commemorating ancient Israel's deliverance from Egypt. This isn't just a Jewish holiday, it's an Israelite holiday!

Why should Christians experience Passover?

  1. It delivers a unique experience where you’ll use all five senses to worship Jehovah and come closer to Him.

  2. Its relatable themes focus on the heritage of covenant Israel, the freedom of redemption, and God’s power to save.

  3. It brings greater understanding of Jewish faith, history, and culture.

What do I need to know before I can host a PILLARS of LIGHT Seder?

No expertise or prior experience required! As long as you know how to hit "play," you know enough!

Included in your package is access to an exclusive companion video to help you engage in the Seder. I’ll not only guide you through the entire two-hour service, together we'll also explore both Jewish and Christian symbolism and discover some of Jesus Christ's connections to Passover. [Note: Christian connections provided are from the perspective of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.]

What's in the box?

Passover in Jewish homes is very involved, but you get to leave the preparation to me! You provide an apple, a celery stalk, and a meal—as elegant or as simple as you want— and I provide the rest.

The box includes dinnerware, symbolic emblems, decorations, music, your customized Haggadot (scripts for each person), and code to view the companion video. [Note: Shipped boxes contain smaller amounts of emblematic foods than local delivery or pick up options.]

When will I receive my order and have access to the video?

Packages will be mailed the third week of March. Once your package arrives, please refer to the trifold pamphlet for preparation information. IMPORTANT: Your companion video link will be live for a limited time during Passover season (March 26-April 4, 2021), so please plan accordingly.


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