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You are "wonderfully made" (Ps. 139)

It is easy to spot all of the undesirables about our bodies, right? Look in the mirror, and you'll probably instantly spot something negative. But in reality, you are a miracle.

In Psalm 139, the psalmist praises God for the wonder of the creation of life. He's in awe of the intricate--and, anciently, inexplicable--growth and development of a fetus within its mother's womb (v 12). He's astounded that God is aware of us even before our bodies are completely formed and we enter the world as a helpless infant (v. 15-16).

Conception, prenatal development, and infancy are all so complex that it is miraculous that any of us are able to survive it!

But even more staggering is trying to comprehend our Heavenly Father's ability to know, love, value, and care for each of His children individually.

You may see yourself as flawed, but you are His greatest creation.

Your birth and life are an amazing gift of wonder and awe.

You have been "wonderfully made" by God: your creation and development has been full of wonder and complexity from the beginning.

Now go keep being wonderful. Honestly, you can't help it--it's who you are.


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